Ignite Mission

When I was 17, I went to Merseyfest. Merseyfest was all about living out our faith in our communities, by doing something positive.  The project I was involved in was clearing up Bebington train station and creating a little garden.  It was amazing that over a week, we totally transformed this train station from a wreck to a really nice garden.  I had loads of great conversations with people who couldn't understand why I would give up a week of my holiday to clear a train station!


We may not be doing full week, but I am properly excited about the 3rd May.  What you may not know is that Ignite is part of a bigger thing going on that weekend.  Thousands of youth groups up and down the country are doing some sort of mission, be it clearing somewhere up, going to an old peoples home for a few hours, or raising money.


So here at Ignite we are running 3 projects, one in Bebington, Birkenhead and West Kirby.  We’d love you and your friends to get involved.  So have a look at the website or facebook and see the info each project, then get in touch with your youth leader or contact the project leader by emailing them.


So can I encourage you, get your youth leader and your youth group involved, and lets have some fun doing something positive in the name of Jesus!