Ignite Chester | February 2018

Ignite this month was so much fun and also really inspiring. We started as always with a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet some new friends before we went to the main hall for the main event. The worship time is still my favourite part but the preaches this time were amazing. This month was a bit different, instead of one guest speaker we had three young people talk to us about love. Lily Adams was first. Lily spoke about how God’s love is forgiving, fearless and forever and I think her message was spot on. I’m really pleased that Lily shared what God had put on her heart, as I think it will stay with lots of us who heard it. Jonah Armstrong spoke next. Jonah spoke about surrounding yourself with the right people, praying continually and being patience. What Jonah said will always be with me. I know I need to do these things in my life. Life is not always easy but we need to always remember that God loves us, be patient and He will always be there. Abi Lee spoke last and she spoke about love and faith. Abi spoke about how faith is trusting God before anything happens, about how God loves everybody, and how your faith should grow in challenging times. Abi brought it all in her message and I felt that she was talking to just me. It was a really important message for me to hear. What she said was so important and has already helped me this week so much. We finished the evening with another time of worship and an opportunity for us all to respond to what we had heard before heading home. This was my favourite Ignite Chester. Thank you for amazing preaches, worship and a
great time with friends!